L-39 of the Lithuanian air force

Air Force ‘weak link in Lithuanian defence’

While Lithuania is raising spending to strengthen its land forces, air forces have to do with the L-39 aircraft which are unsuitable for a serious combat and can only simulate air battles with slow and […]

Russian military exercise in Kaliningrad

Lithuania’s key role in countering Russian A2/AD challenge to Baltics

Concepts of military strategy and doctrine have long influenced the political and military geography of the Baltic region. […]

World War Three: Inside the War Room. Image: BBC

Lithuanian analysts unconvinced by BBC’s World War Three scenario

A recent programme aired by the BBC explores a hypothetical doomsday scenario of a nuclear stand-off between Russia and NATO over Latvia. Analysts in Lithuania say it presents too simplistic a take on geopolitical realities in Eastern Europe which, in itself, could erode confidence in NATO‘s collective defence commitments. […]

No Picture

Conscription boosted emigration, Lithuanian PM says

Military conscription, which was reinstated in Lithuania last year, was one of the reasons behind a hike in emigration, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius believes. […]