Lithuanian national basketball team

An in-depth analysis of Lithuania’s national basketball team after the third window games!

About 6 minutes into Lithuania’s first game versus Poland on June 28th, I was thinking to myself that Lithuania was in big trouble. They didn’t start out good at all. A scrappy Polish team was putting up an intense fight, jumping out to an early lead. They were knocking down everything from beyond the arc and team LT looked like they had not even practiced. They were very slow on defensive switches and close-outs, which led to these wide-open early three-pointers by Poland. Basically, it looked as though LT was just going through the motions and mailing it in, not caring about winning or putting forth much effort at all […]

Cleveland SALFASS congress with New York's Knicks Kuzminskas
Global LT

North America – the Lithuanian Physical Education and Sport Union meets in Cleveland

Last Saturday, October 28th, The Lithuanian Club of Cleveland, Ohio, hosted the annual convention of the largest ex-pat Lithuanian sports amateur organization in North America- the Lithuanian Physical Education and Sport Union. Among many of the most relevant sports-related issues to overseas Lithuanians, the group discussed the success of the 67th annual Games in the Mississauga suburb of Toronto (Canada), Hamilton Challenges in Toronto, and the record-breaking success of the US-Canadian Lithuanian delegations participating in the anniversary Lithuanian World Sport Games in Kaunas this summer. […]