Bashar al Assad and Vladimir Putin, photo

The ulterior motive behind Russia’s partial Syria withdrawal

With great fanfare and “surprise” Russia once again seemingly out-maneuvered Western leadership in Syria. While much ink has been spilled debating whether President Vladimir Putin is executing a sound strategy—or is merely a tactical opportunist—it is clear that he has achieved his primary strategic goal: making Russia geopolitically relevant again and forcing the West to begrudgingly accept that it must take into account Russian interests. But there is an ulterior motive to Putin’s partial withdrawal. […]

Cricket equipment

Kaunas becomes cricket capital of Lithuania

“In India language changes every thousand kilometres, and everyone worships their own god. Regardless of that, cricket is being played everywhere”, says J. K. Tandon, CEO of A&Z Exports International. Last week the Indian company has donated cricket equipment to the Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) in Lithuania. Cricket team at KTU, the second largest university in Lithuania with almost 300 students from Southeast Asia, has been founded in 2013. […]