Rusijos kariai be skiriamųjų ženklų Kryme

Little green men from new incubators

There a has been growing concern in Europe regarding the Kremlin’s new methods of formulating the aggressive fifth column whose members are recruited under the guise of combat sports clubs. According to, experts Lithuania – […]


First American LNG shipment to Europe ‘could trigger price war’

America’s first shipment of liquefied natural gas to Europe, which left Louisiana for Portugal this week, is set to shake up the European gas market, according to the Wall Street Journal. […]

No Picture

Portuguese scouts in Lithuania for combined training

On 31 March, soldiers of the Portuguese Armed Forces arrived in Lithuania for combined training as part of NATO reassurance measures in the Baltic region, Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence reports. […]

NATO forces in Lithuania

Portuguese and Canadians jets take over Baltic air policing mission

The Lithuanian Air Force Base in Šiauliai, northern Lithuania, on Monday hosted the official rotation ceremony of contingents in charge of NATO’s Baltic air policing mission. […]