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Opinion: Hunting down propaganda in media fields

Since the beginning of war in Ukraine, the concept of propaganda has become a keyword in the agendas of Lithuanian politicians and the media. The ruling majority of the Seimas and the president (together with the right-wing groups in the opposition) are taking diametrically opposite positions in the political arena regarding to measures to fight propaganda. After the Seimas rejected the president’s amendment to the Law on Public Information, there is no shortage of forecasts about large-scale disasters in our information space. […]

Artūras Paulauskas

MP addresses State Security Department over anti-Lithuanian propaganda

Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Defence Artūras Paulauskas addressed the State Security Department (VSD) over a complaint he received stating that leaflets are being distributed in Šiauliai containing possibly anti-state information and possibly threatening national security. […]

Aurimas Navys

Information war in Lithuania: Five-pointed stars and computer games

With a massive propaganda machine at its disposal, the Kremlin has already started an information war in Lithuania, claims an officer of the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence. […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė

Lithuanian president proposes fines for propagation of war

Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė suggests a provision that at least 90 percent of the television programmes rebroadcast in Lithuania should be in the official languages of the European Union, adding that fines should be imposed for instigation of war and infringement upon independence. […]