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Lithuania might be getting to something big: dual citizenship e-referendum

Russia’s Vladimir Putin may have just done favour for Lithuania with his sardonic remark on “fewer Lithuanians” during his recent visit to Kaliningrad – even parties that had bristled against the idea of a referendum on allowing dual citizenship, might be embracing it amid the sabre-rattling from the East. Moreover, politicians might be getting cozy with another outlandish idea: get the folks say “yes” or “no” through e-voting. […]


Dual citizenship in limbo if referendum in Lithuania fails

A sociological poll has revealed that many people approve of legalising dual citizenship and would vote in favour of the proposal in a referendum. According to political scientist Algis Krupavičius, a referendum on dual citizenship might be successful if the matter was presented as the interest of the state and if numerous parties campaigned together. […]

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Lithuanian expatriates don’t think dual citizenship referendum would be successful

Lithuanian communities abroad view the parliament’s initiative to hold a referendum on dual citizenship in 2016 as “politicizing”, saying the odds are low for the referendum to be successful under the current requirements. […]