Tomas Venclova

USSR lost Cold War but Russia won it, says Lithuania’s Venclova

The Cold War ended in a defeat for the Soviet Union but in a victory for Russia and it is a crucial distinction, says Lithuanian author and Yale University Professor Emeritus Tomas Venclova. […]

Stasys Lozoraitis with Daniela D'Ercole.  Phots Lithuanian Embassy Washington, DC
Global LT

New book traces life and career of Lozoraitis couple

The House of Signatories, the building where the Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed in 1918, served as a suitable backdrop just the right background for a new book about the life of Stasys Lozoraitis, a Lithuanian diplomat, and his wife Daniela. […]

Justinas Marcinkevičius. Pauliaus Lileikio nuotr.

“National conscience” Marcinkevičius stirs emotions, national debate from beyond the grave

Diverging views on poetry has become an issue of a heated debate on history and censorship after Lithuania’s minister of defence denied a state award to an author whose analysis of the Soviet past did not match the minister’s own opinion. At the centre of the controversy is the poet Justinas Marcinkevičius whose name, for many, is synonymous with the country’s independence movement. […]


Russia’s influence in terminal decline in Lithuania, Baltic States – Forbes

Russia‘s influence on Lithuania and the Baltic States is in serious decline with Russian businesses and capital playing a smaller and smaller part in the region, according to Forbes. […]