Pro Independence demo in Barcelona
European Union

Comparison of Catalonian, Baltic independence ideas wrong – Foreign Minister Linkevičius

Comparing the Catalonian aspirations to break free from Spain with the Baltic states’ movement to gain independence from the Soviet Union would be incorrect, says Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius. […]

D. Trump speaks to the Poles in Warsaw
Foreign affairs

Pavilionis – Trump’s message to the world – hear out our region

Whatever US President Donald Trump may have said today at the Warsaw Uprising monument, just the fact that his second trip abroad was to Poland is something we should be happy about. While much of […]

Russia's Ambassador A. Udaltsov at the monument to the Lithuanian freedom fighters

Were surprised only by the Russian Ambassador but not by Russia

The Victims of the Second World War are honoured on 8th of May in Europe and Russia does it a day later. This is why it was surprising when the Russian ambassador to Lithuania Aleksandr […]

Dr. Christoph Dieckmann

German historian poses a question that holds many Lithuanians up to Shame

Effective German cooperation with the Lithuanians became a death trap for the Jews of Lithuania. In Lithuania it was patriots – ethnic nationalists – who killed the Jews in the hopes of creating a strong ethnic state without Jews, Russians and Poles. This is what eminent German historian Dr. Christoph Dieckmann said in an exclusive interview with DELFI. Dr. Dieckmann who works at the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt am Main wrote the book “Germany’s Occupation Policy in Lithuania from 1941 to 1944”. […]

Ursula von der Leyen

Germany Minister of Defence: Never again will freedom of Lithuania be sacrificed

In her congratulatory message to the German-led NATO battalion in Lithuania, Germany’s Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen on Tuesday pledged to defend Lithuania’s freedom and independence. […]