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Foreign affairs

Baltics, Poland, Ukraine condemn 1941 Soviet deportations

The ministers of justice of the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine have condemned the 1941 deportations, as Lithuania on Tuesday commemorates 75 years since the start of mass deportations of its citizens.

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Russia repays Soviet Union’s debt to Kuwait

The Russian government has paid out USD 1.72 billion to Kuwait that was owed by the former Soviet Union. […]

Latvian flag

Latvia celebrates 26th independence anniversary

Latvia is celebrating the 26th anniversary of its independence from the Soviet Union on Wednesday. […]

Fallout with Turkey shows that Russia can lose friends as quickly as it makes them

Nina Khrushcheva: Putin is a brilliant tactician, but a losing strategist

Each Russian leader picks a subject he is an expert in and Vladimir Putin‘s subject is history. “That is why in order to understand Russia, we must understand Russian history,” says Professor Nina Khrushcheva of the New School University in New York. […]