Lithuania's students studying in the UK
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Thousands of talented Lithuanians spread across the world – how to bring them back

For a decade we have heard repeated stories of foreign companies entering Lithuania and successfully establishing their branches here, but this could become a rarer sight if the country’s demographic crisis is not stymied. […]


Is Vilnius a smart city?

Rapid urbanization is posing new challenges to quality of life in big cities across the globe, including in Lithuania. Even a relatively small city like Vilnius is facing problems like traffic jams and air pollution – and using smart technologies to tackle them. […]

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Lithuanian company wins deal to repair Airbus helicopters

Helisota, a Lithuanian subsidiary of aviation giant Avia Solutions Group (ASG) is to repair Airbus helicopters under a new deal with the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer. […]

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Lithuania ranked 40th worldwide in internet usage

According to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Lithuania is ranked 40 among 166 countries in the annual Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development Index 2014. Meanwhile, Latvia is ranked 33rd and Estonia 21st. […]