Lithuanian companies ‘need to harness latest wave of digital tech to survive’

This will require a new breed of ‘e-leader’ according to EU experts and Infobalt members, with the demand for such e-leaders to grow along with the demand for IT specialists.

“Such specialists will have to have knowledge not only about the digital market and its trends, but also to have an understanding of how a business works, to be able to develop new business models to suit the new market conditions and at the same time to be leaders and to keep ahead of the game. Preparation of these e-leaders has to start not in the university or in the workplace, but in schools,” said Paulius Vertelka, executive director of Lithuanian ICT sector association Infobalt.

“Already at this stage we have to start talking about critical thinking, data analysis, extremely high absorption of information, innovation, leadership, and other basic IT skills that will be useful in professional life,” said Vertelka.

According to the EU estimates, about 800,000 IT professionals and 200,000 new e-leaders will be needed in the market in 2020.

Discussions with Infobalt members indicate a clear trend that “some members think that some professions in their companies may even disappear because of the technological progress, but they will inevitably be replaced by new professions that there is currently no demand for, and which will need professionals with strong electronic skills,” said Vertelka.

“There is a tendency that companies which say that they use some advanced technology, are using only a very small part of it. For example, cloud computing users limit themselves to e-mail or data storage. It must be kept in mind that each of these technologies automatically provide a competitive advantage over the companies that are still not using them. True, often companies, especially smaller ones, do not have enough professionals with the right skills to help the companies absorb those innovative technologies ,” said Ainis Kavaliauskas, the head of Microsoft Lithuania.

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