Chersonesus, Crimea
Foreign affairs

8 European minister: We’ll never forget Crimea

Ministers of foreign affairs of Lithuania and seven other European countries said on the 4-year anniversary of annexation of Crimea that they would not allow the occupation of the peninsula disappear from the international agenda. […]

Verkhovna Rada
Foreign affairs

Lithuanians’ ‘Marshall plan for Ukraine’ initiative making its way to Europe

Viktoras Pranckietis, the speaker of the Lithuanian parliament, and his Ukrainian counterpart discussed a proposed plan for EU financial aid for Ukraine, dubbed as “the new Marshall plan”, as they met in Kiev on Thursday. […]

Stephen Nix. Photo IRI

Opinion: Renewing the Transatlantic commitment to democracy

The dangerous actions by Russia and Vladimir Putin pose the greatest challenge to security and democracy since WWII. This applies not only to the countries within Eurasia, but to our post-war vision of a Europe whole, free and at peace. While not necessarily a return to the Cold War, the current situation nevertheless has brought a clear competition of ideologies to the forefront: democracies founded on free elections, accountable governance and rule of law versus authoritarian ideals of “managed democracy.” […]

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Kremlin’s millions: How Russia funds NGOs in Baltics

With one hand, Kremlin strangles non-governmental organizations in Russia. With another, it generously supports the defenders of its interests in the Baltics. […]

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Opinion: War as a chance for Ukraine to become a normal state

Ukraine’s social order, characterized by limited access, has been an obstacle in the country’s attempts to create democracy and market economy during its entire post-soviet history. Recent Russian military aggression changed the balance of power within the country and opened a window of opportunity for Ukraine to transform itself from a limited access to open access order. Whether Ukraine will use this opportunity depends on relationship between the president and oligarchs. […]