Free Penny Slots Evolution from Ancient to Modern Machines

Slot Machines. John Schnobrich. Unsplash
Slot Machines. John Schnobrich. Unsplash

Slots are the most popular games in casinos. Many gamblers opt for free penny slots but know nothing about their history. Learn more about them here.

History and Evolution of Free Penny Slots

Slot machines are unquestionably the most popular casino games, both in online and land-based casinos. Sure enough, you’ll find numerous other popular casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack, but their popularity can never beat that of slot games. On top of the simplicity of the free penny slots, for instance, there’s just something about the spinning of the reels that will keep players coming back for more. 


For some players, slot machines are their go-to games because of the fact that they can spin their favorite reels for a few minutes to blow off steam then get back to their daily routine. For other players, slots are thrilling because of the range of immersive themes they come with, drawing inspiration from familiar aspects of our cultures. Better yet, thanks to the accessibility of free casino and slot games players can now spin reels online without having to create an online gaming account or download any additional software on their PCs or mobile devices. 

Nevertheless, whether you’re a fan playing slot machines online or at a brick-and-mortar casino, these games have gone through some unbelievable advancements over the years. But then, have you ever wondered where it all started? Let’s take you through a brief history of the evolution of slot machines. 


A Brief History of Slot Machines

The original precursor of the slot machines, as we know them today, was created in 1891 by New Yorker Sittman and Pitt from Brooklyn. Sitman’s design consisted of five drums that held a total of 50 poker card faces and it became incredibly popular in bars and pubs. However, Sitman’s machine was a bit too complicated to offer automatic payouts owing to the sheer volume of possible wins.

Charles Fey from California is credited to be the inventor of the first true machine somewhere between 1887 or 1895, after designing an automated mechanism which was so much simpler. Fey’s machine came with three reels that spun and a total of five symbols; diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes, and a Liberty Bell, where the name of the machine came from.


The Liberty Bell was a huge success, and, as expected, its design was emulated by many developers over the next decades. Back in the early 1960s is when the first-ever electromechanical slot machine was created. It came with new popularity as well, and it was easier to implement into casinos. Three decades later, the first lot of video slots games with second-screen bonuses emerged, which set the stage for even bigger and better advancements, including online slots, which revolutionized how players enjoy casino games.

Modern Slots Games

These days, the only thing that limits what a slot can do is based on the imagination of the developer. Many different features have been added to slot machines to make them more exciting to play. 


Usually, by landing a given combination of symbols on the reels, a bonus feature is activated. The bonus feature could be anything from free spins to a risk game that is meant to offer you the chance to boost your slots winnings. Sometimes, these bonus rounds also offer you more options by giving you the liberty to choose symbols that have hidden rewards, or even a bonus-buy feature that allows you to go straight into the bonus rounds without having to hit specific symbols on the reels.

Advancement in technology also paved the way for the addition of incredible in-game mechanics where 5-reel video slot games can expand to have up to 7 reels which also feature more paylines. And speaking of paylines, free online penny slots have evolved from multiple adjustable paylines and cascading reels to the likes of MegawaysTM have come to transform the game so much that players get to enjoy hundreds of thousands of winning ways at a go!


Well, even though penny slots have continued advancing, it doesn’t mean that classics are out of the picture. Lots of players still enjoy the magic of 3-reel slots, which don’t feature any complicated mechanisms, stories, or bonus features. 

Indeed, slot machines have come a long way ever since they were first created more than 100 years ago. Their simplicity makes the slots stand the test of time as they are the quickest way a fan of casino gaming can feel the electric thrill of casino action, without having to think too much about strategy. Factor in the extra features that developers have been injecting in the penny slot games, and you have an immersive experience that even the famed table-based casino games can’t beat!

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