Top Five Unusual Places To Visit In Vilnius


The capital of the beautiful country in eastern Europe with a ton of places to see charms many visitors from the very first moment. The quiet areas by the river, baroque architecture, different churches and castle complex, the picturesque orange roofs of the Old Town, and delicious food – there is a lot to admire about this city.

If you have already seen the main sights, learn a lit bit about Vilnius’s fascinating history, and now you are wondering what to do in this European city, you don’t need to worry, the options are endless. Here are a few of the unique places to visit in Vilnius.


Čagino Restoranas Jono Basanavičiaus g. 11, Vilnius 03108, Lithuania

Rediscover the true taste of food in the dark by tasting the specialities of the Chagino Restaurant. This place allows you to focus all your senses and sensations only on the taste and aroma of the food and spend an unforgettable evening of new discoveries with a Russian cuisine in complete darkness!

Food eaten in the dark and live music evenings will take on a different meaning, and you will feel sensations you have never experienced before.


Menų Fabrikas Loftas “Open Gallery” Vytenio g. 50, Vilnius 03202, Lithuania

“Open Gallery” is an open-air art gallery, which revives an abandoned industrial part of the city and here you will find impressive works and installations by Lithuanian and foreign artists on the walls of buildings. This initiative is driven by creative alternatives to traditional art forms, such as sculptures, paintings on factory walls, performances, installations, and non-commercial film screenings.

“Open gallery” is open and free for lovers of alternative art all year round, where residents and visitors can discover the unnoticed face of Vilnius. The main concept of the gallery is “freedom and rebirth”, and all artists interpret this concept at their own discretion and convey it through their works.


Toy Museum (Šiltadaržio g. 2, Vilnius 01124, Lithuania)

This magical little place with a vast range of toys is fun to see for kids while being nostalgic for the childhoods of adults. Toy’s Museum provides scientific knowledge about the history of toys from the oldest to modern times, through personal experience gained playing with toy exhibits, listening to fairy tales, participating in workshops, discussions, and conversations with professional educators.

The museum also fosters creativity and curiosity, which helps to develop a child’s personality as well as creates a relaxing atmosphere and builds bridges between visitors of all generations.


Kanapinė Krautuvė (Užupio g. 14, Vilnius 01203, Lithuania)

In case you are familiar with hemp and CBD oil and their promising benefits, then this place will not disappoint you. This is the first cannabis dedicated store in Lithuania supporting ecological and healthy lifestyle.

Here you will find endless organic products that contain hemp seed oil or pure CBD oil for your healthy life! From cannabis tea, delicious vegan sandwiches, handmade natural cosmetics, and even what you can dress up and/or keep with you. Come by to be welcomed with a wide range of cannabis products, which you can purchase as a great gift or experience the benefits of this useful plant by yourself.


Museum Of Illusions Vokiečių g. 8, Vilnius 01130, Lithuania

Sometimes you can’t believe your own eyes, at least not at the interactive museum in Vilnius. It’s a fascinating, fun, and surprising 400 m2 space full of the wonderful atmosphere, mind-tricking works of art, and riveting illusions that bend reality a bit.

Opened in 2016, this museum features nearly 70 exhibits demonstrating 3D art, optical illusions, virtual reality, and various installations created by local artists. Here, images shift and bend, stories are told in a light, mysterious artworks and classical riddles challenge the senses, and people seem to have the ability to walk on walls. Pictures are allowed and encouraged – the museum team is always around and might even help you get that perfect shot.

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