Ukraine official says Kiev is getting weapons from EU

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko

Valeriy Chaly said in an interview he could not disclose any details though, reports.

In mid-March, Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko mentioned that Kiev had concluded agreements with some EU countries on deliveries of lethal weapons.

“Are we receiving weapons from European countries? We are,” Chaly said on ICTV channel.

“We cannot tell everything: what we are getting and from what countries,” Chaly continued. “But trust me, this is happening. Some things get announced, others might be left off-screen.”

The deputy chief of Ukrainian president’s administration added that Kiev would like to see more “active” military and technological support from its partners.

Poroshenko: war might break any moment

During an international conference in Ukraine’s support, President Poroshenko said on Tuesday that his country was still under the threat of war which could break out any moment.

“The threat of war is still hanging over us. It is our reality. War may erupt at any moment, but we are prepared to do everything we can to erase any possibility to doubt or retreat,” Poroshenko was quoted by UNIAN.

“A solution to the situation in Donbass will be found with your assistance and with your solidarity with us.”

He also said that truce agreements, concluded in Minsk in February, should be implemented in full with the coordination of Ukraine’s partners.

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