Ukraine’s Supreme Court chairman thanks Lithuania for aid in reforms

“Lithuania is our reliable partner and our ally that helps us with democratic reforms in Ukraine,” Romaniuk told journalists after meeting with Lithuania’s President Dalia Grybauskaitė in Vilnius on Monday.

In his words, the Ukrainian judicial system reform aims to restrict the influence of politicians and to make the system more transparent and simple.

Romaniuk noted the leadership of Lithuania’s former Supreme Administrative Court chairman Virgilijus Valančius over the European Union (EU) project on support to Ukraine’s justice sector reforms.

“Thanks to Valancius and EU projects, we have an opportunity to analyze international law-enforcement standards to a greater extent. We do not aim to fully transfer the international standards under the current circumstances Ukraine is faced with, however, knowing them (…) is obligatory,” Romaniuk said.

Rasa Svetikaitė, the Lithuanian president’s adviser for legal matters, said Lithuania was willing to assist Ukraine, adding that Lithuanian experts were already working in the country.

In her words, the meeting addressed the constitutional reform underway in Ukraine, which will provide regions with more powers. The reforms are carried out in line with the Minsk ceasefire agreements aimed at ceasing violence in Eastern Ukraine.

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