UK’s proposal on benefits to EU citizens is discriminatory, Lithuanian president says

David Cameron and Dalia Grybauskaitė
LRPK / Robertas Dačkus

According to the president, Lithuania is ready to seek solutions in order to strengthen the European Union (EU). “We support Britain’s proposals to enhance the competitiveness of the entire Union and reduce regulatory burdens on business,” the president said. “However, the free movement of people and non-discrimination against EU citizens – the founding principles of the EU – cannot be questioned.”

“PM Cameron indeed is in a difficult situation as the referendum [on Britain’s EU membership] was his own idea but now he is trying to find ways to solve problems related to it. The PM has presented four proposals, most of which have to do with more efficient functioning of the EU, as well as smoother decision-making process and a more competitive domestic market. Lithuania agrees with all those proposals, just like nearly all the other member-states. The most sensitive part, however, is related to the free movement of persons and benefits,” the president told Lithuanian reporters ahead of the Council’s meeting in Brussels.


According to Grybauskaitė, the UK‘s proposals regarding the payment of social benefits are discriminatory.

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