Unique cancer treatment developing centre opened in Vilnius

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

“Products created by Lithuanian scientists open up new opportunities to fight diseases that are killing people in the world. This is the best proof that our people are using their competences and knowledge not only to solve global problems but also to save humanity and contribute to an enormous technological revolution,” the president said.

State-of-the-art technology set up in the unique laboratory will enable Lithuanian scientists to pave the way for innovative treatment – personalized cell therapy. Products manufactured in Lithuania will be used in therapies customized for each patient personally. The use of these therapies will make the fight against cancer, HIV and autoimmune diseases far more effective and simple.

Magnetic beads coated with antibodies stimulate the patient’s lymphocytes, which start to proliferate. These cells will be additionally reprogrammed and re-implanted in the same patient’s body, which will recognize and destroy cancer cells. This method is expected to replace conventional treatments for cancer, like chemotherapy, in the future.

According to the president, it is an important acknowledgement for Lithuania that the manufacturing of the most innovative products is coming to Lithuania. Grybauskaitė has emphasized that Lithuania is increasingly establishing itself as an advanced, knowledge-based economy, creating world-class science and innovation.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, which started operating in Lithuania five years ago, is a leader in the biotechnology market and among the largest companies in the world, manufacturing products designed for life sciences research and diagnostics. Products made in Lithuania are used all over the world in the fields of studying the structure of genes and developing new methods for diagnosing congenital, inherited and communicable diseases.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Vilnius Site employs 570 people. It has one of the largest private research centres in the Baltic region.

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