US entrepreneur says Lithuania needs three things to succeed

Cynthia J. Pasky

Lithuania needs only three things to even surpass the Scandinavian countries, according to Cynthia Pasky, the head of Strategic Staffing Solutions which helps global companies to open service centres in Lithuania.

“The first one – an engaged business community, and adherence to ethical and moral code. These things are still missing. The second thing is funds that could be used for good works – this could be the European Union‘s funds, but it needs to be ensured that the people who manage these funds are really good. The third thing is political leadership and, most importantly, people’s involvement in the political process,” said the businesswoman.

The businesswoman is convinced that Lihtuania has a lot of potential, but in order to use it, three things are needed.

Tadas Vizgirda, chairman of the board at the American Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, the head of Revel Systems, notes that the state is facing a challenge of staff shortages. “

The biggest difficulty is for the government to bring back the emigrants who have experienced a different culture and have knowledge of other languages. We want to bring them back and are still looking for them, but finding them is getting increasingly difficult,” said Vizgirda.


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