US President Obama pledges continued support for Ukraine

Petro Poroshenko and Barack Obama

The leaders also reviewed the coalition efforts in the campaign to eliminate ISIL in Iraq and Syria and the importance of countering ISIL propaganda. The leaders also discussed the situation in Ukraine and the need for Russia and all sides to fulfil all of the obligations under the Minsk agreement. Additionally, they discussed efforts to work alongside international financial institutions to support Ukraine’s economy.

After the videoconference, President Obama spoke also by phone with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and discussed the need for all sides to fulfil their obligations under the Minsk Protocol of September 5 and Minsk Memorandum of September 19. 

Both leaders agreed that the Asia-Europe Meeting in Milan on October 16-17 offers a good opportunity for leaders to press President Putin to abide by all aspects of the peace plan, including putting in place an effective mechanism for controlling and monitoring the border between Russia and eastern Ukraine. In addition, they discussed energy security, political and economic reform, and further to Presidents Obama’s earlier conversation with the West European leader, in how best to work together with international financial institutions and bilateral partners to support Ukraine’s economy. The President also congratulated President Poroshenko on the recent passage of anti-corruption legislation in Ukraine’s parliament.

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