Vilnius court upholds decision to blacklist Russian historian

Alexander Dyukov
DELFI / Audrius Solominas

“The key motive is that he is on the list of unwanted persons. The border guards checked and found him,” Judge Irena Paulausienė said.

Vilnius Regional Administrative Court ‘s decision can further be appealed with the Supreme Administrative of Court of Llithuania within 14 days.

The court ruled that the border guard of the State Border Guard Service‘s Vilnius Frontier District made the decision not to allow Dyukov in compliance with all exiting legal acts and procedures in Lithuania.

“The decision is what it is. We will look into it and decide what to do next. But frankly, in my opinion, we should get along well with our neighbors,” Dyukov’s lawyer Petras Prijalgauskas told journalists after the hearing.

Dyukov was refused entry into Lithuania in August when he was on his way to Vilnius to present the Lithuanian translation of his monograph, On the Eve of the Holocaust.

An official of the Migration Department told the court hearing in October that Dyukov was not allowed to enter Lithuania pursuant to the 2 May decision which was made in response to a letter from the State Security Department, stating that Dyukov had been declared a persona non grata for ten years as he is seen as a threat to public order, national security and public health of one or several EU member states.

Dyukov was not allowed into Lithuania after flying in to Vilnius on 13 August to attend a presentation of his book. He was stopped by Lithuanian border guards and was put on a flight to Moscow the next morning.

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