Vilnius mayor and Swedish ambassador award Step Challenge winners

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The challenge to make as many steps as possible and thus preserve the environment and improve one’s health was taken by employees of the Embassies of the Nordic and Baltic States, the Vilnius Municipality and the President’s Office.

The mayor invited residents to Vilnius to be part of the challenge, as limited movement condemns them to serious health problems.

“This challenge is a race with oneself in the first place,” says the Swedish ambassador.

The winner of the challenge was the team of the Canadian Embassy which made on average 11,176 steps per day. The second place was won by the American Embassy with 10,249 steps per day, followed by the Embassy of Finland whose employees covered 9,473 steps per day.

The mayor of Vilnius joined the competition on 10-14 May. Šimašius in total made 36,128 steps or on average 9,032 steps per day.

According to the Swedish ambassador, it is quite usual in the Scandinavian countries that public institutions challenge each other with walking competitions.

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