Where to Post Business Reviews?

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The online world has made the question of where to post business reviews a lot more complicated. There used to only be one or two places where you could post reviews. Things are very different now. There is just so much choice for where you could put a review. This article will hopefully shed some light on the best place for a review. Read on!

Yellow Pages

Having the yellow pages thump onto your welcome mat may be a thing of the past, true. But the yellow pages lives on in digital form. Here you can look up addresses and phone numbers, and also reviews.

The reviews on this site come with the phone number and address. All you need to do is look up the business you want, and there is space for reviews there on the page. The site makes looking at reviews very easy. You can be sure that people will see yours.


This site is mainly known for online reputation management in holiday destinations. Plenty of businesses use it as well, however. The site asks you to register before you can leave a review (or reply to someone else’s). Once you have registered, you are free to leave whatever review you choose. This can be for a business that hasn’t appeared already, or it can be for one that already has reviews. The reviews are very in-depth; you score a business one out of five for a number of issues you have.


This site is normally found alongside Tripadvisor when it comes to review listings. It focuses more on businesses in general, rather than holiday destinations and the businesses attached. Yelp reaches a huge number of people every day, so if you want your review to have a large audience, this is the way to go.

Yelp lets you upload photos on your reviews. It almost encourages it, in fact, as it adds to the reviews. Expect to see plenty of photos of food on the site, both good and bad.


Glassdoor is the most ‘business oriented’ review site. It is geared towards employees leaving reviews of businesses. This is for the benefit of other employees and the public at large. Glassdoor allows for written reviews, salary checks, and more.

By leaving a review on Glassdoor, you are joining a community of people talking about the business in question. This is possibly the best site for a review if you specifically talking to people who also work in that community. Most reviews are quite short and to the point when written. Glassdoor also operates a pros and cons system. You can add pros and cons to your review.


This site is relatively new on the scene. It follows the same basic idea as Yelp or Tripadvisor – you leave reviews on the site. People who are looking for a specific place will search the site and see it. You can leave a five star rating, and some writing.


Don’t dismiss social media when it comes to reviews. More and more businesses now have pages on social media, because of the people who will see it. Leaving a review on social media will ensure that you have an audience. Your review will be readily available to anybody who wants to read it.

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