Woman offers rural apartment for free as potential buyers leave rural areas

Photos from apartment ad

The Jurbarkas regional newspaper reported receiving the woman’s request to publish the following classified ad: “Gifting a dormitory-style apartment with furniture and all amenities in Viešvilė.“ The apartment is a tidy two-room apartment in the centre of Viešvilė.

Violeta, the woman giving the apartment away, told the local paper that “My father lived there. He died in April. I tried to sell it, but nobody’s interested, so I don’t want to wait for the heating bills and get rid of it now.”

She said the rest of her family was in Kaunas or England, and nobody would want to live in Viešvilė, which has a population of 843 as of the census in 2011. She also didn’t have anyone close to her in the area she could give the apartment to.

“We’re not about to live there and pay taxes for it because there’s no point,” she said.

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