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Europe’s Single Market – turning thirty and still going strong

This year, the Single Market turns 30. In 1988, Jacques Delors famously remarked that “nobody falls in love with a Common Market”. Yet, Europeans wholeheartedly appreciate the comforts this market brought them, such as uniform […]

Central/Eastern Europe

What does the West want?

The fundamental question of the future course of this war is, paradoxically, not about Ukraine but rather about Russia. It is about the West’s attitude towards post-war Russia. Because Western fears, linked to the future […]

Central/Eastern Europe

NATO and Ukraine

Last week, a number of important geopolitical developments took place: Putin finally revealed that he was in total desperation and rushed to announce that he was annexing not only the occupied but also unoccupied, and […]

Andrius Kubilius. Photo Seimas
Central/Eastern Europe

Andrius Kubilius. Europe’s geopolitical crisis: causes, lessons, consequences

Russia’s war against Ukraine is a major geopolitical crisis for the entire European continent. It is the first such geopolitical crisis since the Second World War and since the creation of what we now call […]

Foreign affairs

A. Kubilius. On Lithuania’s foreign policy strategy up to 2030

Instead of an introduction This text aims to bring together in a more conceptual form personal thoughts, initiatives and projects devoted to foreign and security policy, which I have had the opportunity to lecture, explain, […]