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European Union

Lithuania joins call to investigate crimes of European communist regimes

Ministers of five Eastern European countries have issued a joint statement, calling for investigation into the crimes of communist regimes in Europe. […]

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Polish natural gas projects threaten Gazprom’s grip in Central and Eastern Europe

On May 17, Polish state-owned natural gas pipeline network operator Gaz-System S.A. published its updated strategy for 2016–2025. A noteworthy new element in the document is the plan to create a natural gas hub in Poland, aimed at establishing a regional gas market in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). […]

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Should Lithuanian retailers be scared of Lidl’s entry into the market?

One of the most important and anticipated events in the retail market in Lithuania is the opening of Lidl’s first chain of stores – some expect that Lidl will change the grocery retailing landscape in Lithuania completely but is Lidl really such a threat to the leading grocery retailers in Lithuania? […]

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The tip of the Ukraine iceberg: After the Dutch EU referendum

Despite Kiev’s official rhetoric, the national consensus on integration with the EU is increasingly fragile. Pro-Russian forces are reasserting themselves in the southeast, while ultra-right activists are campaigning against the European Union in the west. On top of that, the current pro-European government has no real achievements to boast of. […]