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A largely hidden aspect of the migrant crisis: what is behind the integration of Muslims in Europe?

With scores of illegal migrants from Asian countries massing at the borders of Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, European leaders and the media have once again raised the issues of foreign policy and human rights. Still, […]

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Landsbergis didn’t hear about Merkel’s call from the Presidential Office: thank God, we have other friends

Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis regrets that the ministry learned about the call between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Belarusian authoritarian leader Aliaksandr Lukashenko only from foreign partners and not from the Presidential Office, reported. […]


Migrants lives in Lithuania: calling ambulance for fun, emerging groups

Municipalities, which have had to temporarily shelter migrants are counting the second month of being neighbours now. It wasn’t just locals who got accustomed to the new arrivals over this period – the municipalities’ representatives […]

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Syrian refugee couple in Lithuania granted refugee status

A Syrian couple relocated to Lithuania under the EU’s refugee relocation program have been granted refugee status. […]