8 percent in Lithuania approve of Crimea annexation, poll shows

Under a tenth of the Lithuanian population – 8 percent – view the Russian annexation of Crimea in a positive light, and the share includes a considerable number of Lithuanian-speakers, shows a poll published by the Civil Society Institute on Thursday. […]


Scholars offer recommendations for history policy makers of Lithuania and Belarus

Historical memory has a strong impact on the cohesion of political society. The historical memory of any given society is affected by a whole range of factors, such as the methodology and content of history teaching at school, the creation of various memorials and alternative sources of information about the past. Most of these factors depend on the political sphere and are a direct consequence of political or administrative decisions. In short, a consequence of state history policy. […]

Dalia Grybauskaitė, Angela Merkel

Opinion: In defence of Lithuania’s foreign policy in 2014

I am not a fan of the social-democratic tradition of foreign policy, especially when it comes to perpetually unsuccessful attempts of the Lithuanian left to “turn a new page in relations with Russia” and base their policies towards Poland on promises about name spelling. I dare say, however, that Dovilė Jakniūnaitė’s criticism of Lithuania’s foreign policy in 2014 is unfounded. […]

Barack Obama
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian expert says President Obama will keep upper hand in US foreign policy even after defeat in midterms

United States President Barack Obama, a Democrat, will be constrained in his internal policies after the Republican Party took control of the Senate, a Lithuanian political expert says, adding that he will nonetheless continue deciding on key foreign policy issues. […]