Sergejus Kanovičius

For Your Freedom and Ours?

For our freedom and yours, we heard this motto during the independence movement in 1990 inviting everyone–Lithuanians, us Jews, and others–to rally to fight for independence. And we rallied, believing that in that Lithuania–the Lithuania of today–we would all be equal, and not just before God. We thought we’d be equal before memory, and before our history. As brothers and sisters. Are we equal in memory? Are we equal before history? […]


Zarasai marks European days of Jewish culture

The town of Zarasai, nestled in the picturesque north-east of the country amongst sparkling lakes and gently rolling hills, may be best known as a summer holiday destination, but for two days this weekend it chose to highlight a different side of its cultural history. To mark the European Days of Jewish Culture, the Zarasai Regional Museum organised three events that gave the public an opportunity to reflect on the region’s largely vanished Jewish heritage. […]

Atminimo eitynės nuotr.

Molėtai holding Holocaust memorial march

A memorial march is held in Molėtai, eastern Lithuania, on Monday to honour victims of the Holocaust. […]


New Rokiškis award to honour Litvak war hero

The Rokiškis Regional Museum and the US-based non-profit organization Remembering Litvaks, have established a new research award, the volunteer Private Ruvin Bun award, to encourage a better understanding of the contribution of ethnic minorities to the founding of an independent Lithuanian state. […]

IX fortas

Families of French Jews killed in Lithuania pay tribute in Kaunas

Families of Jewish nationals who were brought to Lithuania from France in the years of the Holocaust honored the memory of the victims at the Kaunas Ninth Fort in Lithuania on Tuesday. […]