Carabiners. Photo wikimedia

Doubts over other contracts of company in the centre of ‘army utensils’ scandal

The company Nota Bene, which has gained notoriety for its involvement in the so-called army utensils scandal, continues to appear in controversial public procurement contracts, DELFI reports. In one of them, the State Service for […]


Warm weather leads to high risk of forest fires in Lithuania

People in Lithuania looking to spend some time out in nature should be advised that, given the recent spate of warm weather, lighting fires can be dangerous. […]

Rolandas Paksas

‘Let them turn to the Devil himself for all I care’ – MEP Paksas denies allegations of bribe taking

MEP Rolandas Paksas has denied allegations of accepting a bribe, saying that prosecutors’ announcement on Tuesday that they would seek his legal immunity stripped was just a continuation of a campaign against him that started in 2004. […]

Government building

Almost 1,300 government positions face axe under new plan

The Lithuanian government announced on Monday that it would scrap 1,290 positions in government agencies from April of next year. […]