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75th anniversary of massacre of Jews in Šeduva, Lithuania

Lithuania’s Prime Minister joined dozens of people marking the seventy-fifth anniversary of the massacre of more than 650 Jews by Nazi occupiers and their local Lithuanian collaborators at the town of Šeduva on Tuesday. It was the third such event in as many days, coming after Holocaust-related commemorations in Biržai and Molėtai. […]

EU external policy chief Federica Mogherini
European Union

A fragmented foreign policy leads to a weakened European Union

The Lisbon Treaty was designed to fundamentally alter the Common Foreign and Security Policy. At last, the EU was supposed to have the answer to Kissinger’s famous question: who do you call if you wish to speak with Europe? Solidarity, enhanced cooperation and streamlined decision-making were the future. At the end of the line, a stronger European Union with a new global standing awaited. […]

Potsdam Conference

Opinion: Potsdam Conference and Russia’s crooked-mirror politics in Kaliningrad

Most of the time history can’t be put to bed even though agreements to end wars have been concluded, victors have drawn new boundary lines, promises made, but they soon get either forgotten or swept under the rug, as if they weren’t there. The story of the northern part of former East Prussia (now known as the Kaliningrad exclave) is a good example of a conveniently ignored agreement made at the 1945 Potsdam conference to resolve the fate of the territory at a later peace treaty with Germany. […]

Alexander Zaldostanov

Russian bikers’ flirtation with Kremlin politics sparks protest from Lithuanian fellows

Global politics is undermining the international solidarity of the biker community. Lithuanian bikers have declared they do not want to see members of the Russian motorcycle club Night Wolves MC, including its leader Alexander Zaldostanov, in their country, because the Russians have trampled on a central principle of the biker movement – stay away from politics. […]

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Israeli Embassy in Lithuania awarded the Righteous Among the Nations

The Embassy of the State of Israel, together with the Lithuanian Jewish community and the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum, on a Day of remembrance of the Holocaust, this year marked on 16 April, awarded the Righteous Among the Nations. The State of Israel awarded six Lithuanian families, which in spite of the danger during the Second World War, saved Lithuanian Jewish people. The award ceremony was held in the Government’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania. […]

Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Opinion: Ukrainians, forgotten heroes of Auschwitz

Tuesday marked the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Tanks of the First Ukrainian Front broke through the enclosures 70 years ago. […]

United Nations in New York

Lithuania and all other EU Member States did not support Russia’s resolution at UN which attempts to manipulate history

The Resolution on Combating Glorification of Nazism and Other Contemporary Forms of Racism put forward by the Russian Federation was adopted by voting on 21 November 2014 at the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly, 115 states voting for, 3 against, and 55 abstaining. Lithuania as well as other EU Member States have abstained in the vote and made a very strong Explanation of Vote. […]