Voroshilov, Molotov, and Stalin.  Yezhov airbrushed out of history by unknow Soviet artist  Public Domain

Airbrushed out of history in the USSR – Part 1

Some believe that photo manipulation started with Photoshop some 25 years ago. In fact, as early as 1846, when the first negatives were created, image altering took off. People and objects appeared and disappeared in photos. Photographic images acquired new meanings and ‘truth’ with the help of scissors, some ink, acid, and, eventually, airbrushes. […]

Rusijos kariai be skiriamųjų ženklų Kryme

Little green men from new incubators

There a has been growing concern in Europe regarding the Kremlin’s new methods of formulating the aggressive fifth column whose members are recruited under the guise of combat sports clubs. According to, experts Lithuania – […]

Konstantin Mikhailov

Lithuanian appeals court upholds life sentence in 1991 Medininkai checkpoint massacre

Latvian-Russian national Konstantin Mikhailov will serve a life in prison sentence for his role in the 1991 Medininkai checkpoint massacre after the Lithuanian Court of Appeals upheld the verdict on Monday. […]

Yuri Gagarin

Was Gagarin’s flight really the climax of US-Soviet space race?

This week 55 years ago, Yuri Gagarin became the first man to journey into outer space. A landmark in the history of human exploration, it was also a feat in the political rivalry between the two super powers of the time. […]

KGB archives

New list of Lithuanian KGB collaborators ‘contains recognisable names’

A new list of former KGB agents to be released will contain the names of about ten well-known Lithuanian public figures, according to the Genocide and Resistance Research Centre, which is investigating the archives of the Soviet security police. […]