During an exercise

Lithuanians asked to pay for ammo after leaving professional military service early

Two men — one has spent four years in professional military service and the other has spent eight years — are beign forced to pay for the bullets they fired while training to defend their homeland, the daily Lietuvos Rytas reported on Tuesday. […]

Russian and NATO jets

NATO jets scrambled once from Lithuania last week over Russian warplanes

NATO fighter-jets serving in the Baltic air-policing mission were last week scrambled from Lithuania once to intercept Russian warplanes flying above the Baltic Sea, the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said on Monday. […]

The Great Vilnius Synagogue

Bankruptcy of the Jewish community in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Ideas about tremendous wealth of the Jews, their well-being, which was thought to have been created by incurring losses on the Christians, was prevalent in the society of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania ( GDL and later periods). The reality, however, was quite different. Only a small part of the Jews was successful business people, the majority of them that engaged in small businesses, trade and crafts could hardly make both ends meet. […]

European  Commission building in Brussels

It’s official – Lithuania doesn’t need EU institutions and service centres

On early morning this weekend news portals and radio shows flashed with a message which rapidly descended to the bottom of the news feed: “Lithuania yields on ambitions to attract EU institutions from London.” This […]