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The yard of a medieval artisan

In the 13th and 14th century, artisans and merchants used to build their homes in the safe neighbourhood of the main castle mounds. More numerous communities of artisans represented a new object in the social landscape because they were not typical in the earlier society of husbandmen and cattle raisers. Quarters inhabited by artisans and their families stretched next to the main political and administrative centres – the castles where dukes resided together with the people constituting their closest environment. Artisans worked to meet the demands of the ducal court. Supposedly, they would sell part of their products or exchange them for daily bread. […]

Union of Lublin in 1569.  Painted by Jan Mateika

Lithuania and Europe: the European Union should be called European Commonwealth

With the evolution of changing identity and history’s repeating challenges in mind, let’s take a sober look at Lithuania’s position in Europe. Lithuania is an independent state the citizens of which constitute a political nation. […]


FinTech development in Lithuania gathering pace

Favourable conditions for the development of financial technologies (FinTech) in Lithuania have already attracted numerous domestic and foreign companies. Upon implementation of planned initiatives for fostering FinTech development, the sector is likely to attract more investment and create more jobs, while consumers may be offered a wider range of financial services. […]

Boxer in Vilnius

Lithuania’s army projects acquisitions for EUR 265 mln in 2018

The Defense Resource Agency under the Lithuanian Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces will this year make purchases for approximately 265 million euros, the Defense Ministry said on Monday. […]


EU pledges to continue support to EHU in Lithuania

The European Union (EU) will for now continue support to the European Humanities University (EHU), a Belarusian university operating in exile in Vilnius that has recently drawn a negative expert conclusion. […]