29,200 job vacancies available in Lithuania in March

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The registered number of unemployed people decreased by 8,500. On 1 April, there were 165,900 unemployed people registered with the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, i.e. 9.1 percent of all people of working age in Lithuania. This was by 0.5 percent less than a month ago and by 1.7 percent less year-on-year. In March, similarly to February, 20,900 unemployed people referred to territorial labour exchanges.

In March compared to February, specialists of territorial labour exchanges found work for 33 percent more people. 28,300 people found jobs or were introduced to active labour market policy measures and found self-employment with business licences of up to 6 months. Nearly 6,000 people were interested in self-employment opportunities, by 1,900 more than in February.

Based on the data of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, by 1 April the greatest unemployment was registered in Ignalina (17.6 percent), Alytus (16.3 pct) and Lazdijai (16.2 pct) districts. Unemployment was the lowest in Elektrėnai (5.3 pct), Trakai (5.3 pct) and Kretinga (5.7 pct). Among the major cities unemployment was the highest in Paenvėžys (8.6 pct) and the lowest in Šiauliai (5.8 pct).

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