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Lithuanian government sets up new unemployment fund

The Lithuanian government and parliament groups have agreed to set up an unemployment fund. The money would be used to pay benefits to people who lose jobs after working at least three years for the same employer. […]

Household consumption prevented a potential recession

Lithuania’s economy to ride out global turmoil in 2016

Lithuania’s economy will grow by 2.8% in 2015 despite a range of headwinds, driven on by increased consumer spending, low oil prices and a recovering Eurozone, according to SEB Bank’s latest projections. […]

De-industrialisation was the most painful for older workers. The employment service has directed these men to do community service at the local water supplier (photo by Dalia Mikonytė)

Creativity and boredom in a Lithuanian town coping with globalisation

Having joined the eurozone this year and successfully advertised its natural and urban wonders, Lithuania has become a new darling of international travel ‘listicles’. Its brushed-up capital, ambitious start-ups and emerging foodie hotspots make many visitors wonder if this is really one of the poorest countries in the European Union. Much of the country’s hardships, however, have been cushioned by de-industrialised peripheral towns – like Alytus. Having lost most of its industries, the town is looking for new, global inspiration. […]


Unemployment in Lithuania edges down over quarter

Statistics Lithuania reports that, according to the Labour Force Survey data, in the second quarter of 2015, the unemployment rate stood at 9.4 percent. […]


Open letter to anti-Greek Eastern European bloc

Economist Dr.Zoltan Pogatsa believes that the Eurozone states of the former Eastern bloc have been duped by the major powers into firmly opposing Greece. They are being led to believe that Athens is damaging to their economies. It’s all a deception, the Hungarian professional of political economy argues, as Eastern Eurozone members’ money never actually went to Greece, but to Brussels, in order to support the euro. […]


EC recommendations for Lithuania: less tax on labour, more tax on wealth

Lithuania has received recommendations from the European Commission on the most pressing issues in the economy that need addressing. Disturbingly, over 30 percent of people in Lithuania face poverty risk, labour taxes are punishing, while levies on wealth – less detrimental to economic growth – are all but non-existent. Experts say the first steps would be introducing tax on real estate and cars. […]

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ania’s unemployment in March at 9.5 percent

In March 2015, Lithuania’s seasonally adjusted unemployment level stood at 9.5 percent with 139 000 seekers in the country, Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, said. […]