Lithuania cuts unemployment by 1.8 percentage points since January

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Unemployment rate in June was 8.5%, while in January, the it stood at 10.2%. The lowest unemployment rate was recorded in May when, according to statistics, 8.2% of Lithuanians were out of job.

Unemployment in Latvia was 9.9%, also an improvement since January when it stood at 10.3%.

The third Baltic state, Estonia, eshibited greatest stability of the three. Unemployment in the country was 6.5% in May, while in January, 6.9% of Estonians were unemployed.

Lithuania’s southern neighbour Poland has also cut its its unemployment rate. According to the Eurostat, unemployment in Poland was 8.4% in January 7.7% in June.

The country with smallest unemployment in the European Union is Germany, where the rate stands at 4.7%. The Czech Republic is second with 4.9%.

The worst situation in terms of employment remains in Greece, where, according to the Eurostat, 25% of people were out of job in May. Spain, with 22.5% of the workforce not working, is second.

On average, unemployment in the 28 EU countries is 9.6%, an improvement of 0.4 percentage points since January. In the 19 eurozone countries, the average rate is 11.1%, while in January it stood at 11.5%.

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