5 places to visit in Lithuania

Midsummer (Joninės) in Kernavė
Midsummer (Joninės) in Kernavė, DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

Lithuania may have a population of around three million yet the Baltic nation offers plenty of fun sites. It boasts stunning natural sites and a unique mix of architectural styles. 

The country situated at the geographical centre of Europe is washed by the Baltic Sea, covered with dense forests and meandering rivers and lakes. Lithuania is rich in culture, nurturing its UNESCO world heritage sites, and open to innovations. That said, here are five reasons to visit following several analyses from best usa online casino.

1 Vilnius old town

The historic capital of the Grand Duchy is a veritable treasure trove of medieval wonders and gorgeous Gothic come Russo-flavoured Baroque architecture. In the Old Town, cobbled roadways weave under the buttresses of the beautiful St Anne’s Church, over café-spattered plazas and under the soaring Gediminas Keep and Upper Castle citadel dating from the 13th century.

Meanwhile, the new town’s blocks pulse with beer bars and sleepless rock clubs, and Europe’s boho district extraordinaire – the self-proclaimed Republic of Uzupis – beckons on the edge of town, a place of shabby-chic, graffiti-strewn streets and more drinking joints than you can shake a cepelinai potato dumpling at!

2 Neringa

A patchwork of verdant pine forests and flat grasslands, undulating dunes and sandy beaches that curves its way along the Baltic Coast where Lithuania arches towards its long-time Polish compadre in European history and the curious Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, Neringa is one of the most coveted destinations in the country for sure.

Encompassing the whole Lithuanian length of the Curonian Spit, the area offers prime biking and hiking, windsurfing and fishing on the waters of the Curonian Lagoon, the sun-kissed resort strips of Nida and the earthy cottages that makeup age-old towns like Pervalka.

3 Palanga

Palanga has become a byword for summertime hedonism amongst Lithuanians right across the country, and today this one’s high-season electro and chart parties rage from June to August on the Jonas Basanavicius boulevard and amidst the countless bars and al fresco cocktail joints that line its fringes. The beach is another magnet during the dog days, offering perhaps Lithuania’s most accessible and sunbather-friendly stretch of golden Baltic sand.

4 Dzukija National Park

Lithuania’s largest national park covers a whopping 550 square kilometers of land, and makes its home on the edge of the Belarusian border in the extreme south-east of the country. It’s adorned with great swathes of pine forests and riparian wetlands, all of which come cut through by the meandering channels of the Nemunas River. It is a site to see for users of www.jackpotjill.net.

5 Kernave

UNESCO-attested Kernave is steeped in history and heritage that goes back further than many of the other towns in Lithuania. It’s hailed as one of the first-ever medieval capitals of the Grand Duchy, and it’s thought that the golden age boom happened here in the 13th and 14th centuries, before the onslaught of the Teutonic Order came and razed the fortifications and keeps.

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