600 volunteers start service in 3 battalions in Lithuania

Monday is the first day of service for about 400 recruits at the Lithuanian Great Duke Kęstutis Mechanized Infantry Battalion in Tauragė, while about 200 will commence their service in the Lithuanian Great Duke Vytenis General Support Logistics Battalion in Marijampolė and some 30 volunteers will join the Lithuanian Great Duke Gediminas Staff Battalion in Vilnius.

The initial group of about 500 young men and women started service in the Lithuanian Great Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Battalion in Klaipėda in late August.

The conscription scheme was reintroduced in Lithuania in an effort to fill up military units and develop a reserve. A total of 3,000 young people should be drafted this year, with the majority of them (about 2,660) joining voluntarily.

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