8 naval mines and three shipwrecks discovered during Baltic Sea operation

About 40 square nautical miles (about 137 square kilometres) of the Baltic seabed has been explored during international operation Open Spirit 2016. The mine search operation has so far discovered eight naval mines and one torpedo.

Most of the mines were neutralized using less powerful explosives.

Eleven naval mine anchors, two rocket parts, three training marine mines and three sunken ship wrecks were also found at the bottom of the sea.

Open Spirit 2016, an ongoing operation, includes mine clearing ships scanning the seabed in Lithuania’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone, and mine clearance divers searching for explosives in coastal zones.

In all, 19 warships, nine diver teams and other professionals from 14 countries take part in the operation.

Open Spirit 2016 began on May 16 and is set to conclude on May 27. Operation is organized by the Lithuanian Naval Force.


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