96 hours with the leaders of the world

Įspūdžiai iš Davoso, A. Rusteikienės nuotr.
Asmeninio albumo nuotr.

She was one of the six participants who represented youth from Europe and she was among only 17 percent of women who attended the event. A. Rusteikiene shares her experience how to use 96 hours with the world leaders the most effectively.

Don’t be afraid of risk

While attempting to get into Davos Forum, A. Rusteikiene tried to find out more about the most important themes of this global community. However, the agenda of world leaders is a wide range. This year in Davos most discussed topics were: climate change, technologies, inequality, oil, pandemics, political instability.

According to A. Rusteikiene, an attempt to get into the Forum helped her to refine her profile. “You cannot talk about something that you don’t do. Fields which I chose were transparency, social responsibility of companies and ethics of trade”,– said Global Shapers coordinator. She says that transparency did not take important part into Davos’ agenda, nevertheless, she decided that this particular topic is too important for her. That is why in her presentation she highlighted the meaning of ethics and social enterprise development in Lithuania.

To global market – with a plan

When the risk payed off and A. Rusteikiene was invited to Davos, Global Shapers coordinator could relax. During 4 days in the World Economic Forum there are held few hundreds events. “You must know who is coming to the event. Davos is the global market where the most important are B2B meetings. Most people go there for the opportunity to meet each other, not for the agenda”– said A. Rusteikiene.

According to the member of Global Shapers, you have to work literally all day and all night-in in Davos. “For example, during breakfast you agree with whom are you going to have a lunch or a dinner, and what topics are you going to discuss”– said A. Rusteikiene. However, you should leave some time for accidents. “In Davos everyone has already achieved something exceptional; you might get an opportunity to talk to any of them in unexpected places. I did not try to plan everything, I have tried to leave some time for casual conversations, for example, to talk about Palestine-Israel conflict or infrastructure of internet and its expansion problems across the world”,– says spokeswomen of youth organization.

Sell yourself in 30 seconds

Itroduction of yourself where you had to show to everyone who you are were the most important. “30 seconds introduction – you tell others who you are and what do you want. This is a typical introduction of you which can be adapted according to the situation. Of course, you have to know exactly with whom you speak, because you talk with purpose”– said A. Rusteikiene. Coordinator of Global Shapers explains that even the most famous people trust in youth delegates and is willing discuss their ideas. It is not uncommon that after the successful start of the conversation it will be followed by a long-term communication and cooperation.

Everyone is accessible

Davos Forum annually brings together about 2500 people. They are enterprise leaders, politicians, diplomats. Representatives from more than 100 different countries attend the conference. According to A. Rusteikiene, she was really impressed by general director of “Yahoo” Marissa Mayer. “I accidently bumped into her. There was a discussion on how big companies can cooperate and reach one goal like social change. I had questions about what they really do these days about that”,- said Global Shapers coordinator. A. Rusteikiene told that general director of “Yahoo” was very kind and fully open to answer all the questions. “From Davos you get a new network. You can see how people think, what are the biggest companies working on, what practises you can bring to you own country. We have to be realistic – Lithuania as a market is not big or interesting. However, one of the most important ways to show what we can do is to participate in international events, meetings and so on. And also to present our uniqueness – people, infrastructure and dynamism.

Central and Eastern Europe, Baltics are growing and are interesting for investors. But otherwise, Europe and US are dead in the name of growth. Today, all eyes are on Africa and Asia, there you can find speed and money. Lithuania in this matter still can have some potential”, – says A. Rusteikiene.

Don’t forget to take a breath

Work in Davos takes all day, therefore world leaders have to find a way to compensate hours unslept and stress. Every morning in the resort of Switzerland has started with meditation of consciousness. “It was very memorable for me. The rooms where the meditation was held were full of people. I have read that 20 minutes of breathing exercises are equal to 3 hours of sleep. People in Davos sleep very little, so exercises of breathing and meditation can help you to regain your strength”– told A Rusteikiene.
Davos of youth will soon be held in Lithuania. Global Shapers organize an annual meeting

“Shape Europe”. On 1 – 4 of October more than 100 young leaders from all across the world will gather in Lithuania. You will see such people as Al Jazeera’s manager of business development department Youssef Gaboune, Youssef Gaboune, innovation specialist from Brazil, Beto Levy.

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