UAB AAA Holdingas – changes in management and shareholder structure

Marius Jakulis Jason, founder of the MJJ Foundation
Marius Jakulis Jason, founder of the MJJ Foundation

Investor Marius Jakulis Jason has consolidated the shares of UAB AAA Holdingas. Going forward, all company shares will be owned by IKKB Mūsų Ateities Investicijos, which manages the Jakulis Jason family property, and the philanthropic foundation VšĮ Mariaus Jakulio Jason Fondas.

The family firm acquired the shares from Algimantas Smičius, a former CEO, while Marius transferred his shares last year. The goal of this multi-million euro transaction is to strengthen the company financially and to consolidate ownership. In terms of consolidation and company structure, the consultation was provided by the Orion Group – Mindaugas Strėlis, head of Orion Wealth and Mykantas Urba, head of the Corporate Finance Department at Orion Securities, with legal advice from solicitors at AAA Law.


Marius Jakulis Jason will remain the chairman of the board for AAA Holdingas, with Mindaugas Strėlis, head of Orion Wealth, also joining the board.  Laurynas Antropikas, investment director of Airport Hotels Fund, was appointed as the new CEO.


AAA Holdingas owns some of the most luxurious hotels in the capital: Grand Hotel Kempinski Vilnius and Radisson Blu Royal Astorija Hotel Vilnius. Chairman of the board Marius Jakulis Jason says that as a result of the pandemic it is crucial to form a team of professionals who would provide strong leadership in both strategic and financial matters. “We have been facing unprecedented challenges since last year. We aim to overcome them and ensure the company’s long-term endurance and development,” Marius Jakulis Jason says.

Mindaugas Strelis Orion Wealth

“Crises are not only big challenges but also great opportunities. So together with our team we are pleased that we can contribute to the continued development of the company. Of course, the main goal and challenge today is to overcome the impact of the pandemic, but we believe that with the right management and a strong financial backing we can provide the company with necessary support,” commented Mindaugas Strėlis after joining the company board.


This project is not the first collaboration between Orion Wealth and investor Marius Jakulis Jason. The two parties are developing airport hotel and student accommodation funds, as well as other real estate projects in Lithuania and Central Europe. Furthermore, the head of Orion Wealth, Mindaugas Strėlis, is also on the board of VšĮ Mariaus Jakulio Jason Fondas and is responsible for the fund’s investment strategy.

The new managing board of AAA Holdings will consist of:

  • CEO Laurynas Antropikas;
    • Investment director @ Airport Hotels Fund;
  • Eimantas Šicus, board member, attorney;
  • CFA Mykantas Urba, board member;
    • Head of the Corporate Finance Department  @ UAB Orion Securities;
  • Mindaugas Strėlis, board member;
    • CEO @ UAB Orion Wealth
  • Ernestas Kazbaras, representative of IKKB Mūsų Ateities Investicijos;
    • CEO @ UAB I Asset Management;
  • Marius Jakulis Jason, chairman of the board.
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