Actual list of online bookmakers UK 2022


Let’s find out where to find reliable bookmakers in the UK and bet without risk. The start of the season in professional sports is also marked by excitement about finding betting companies.  

List of UK bookmakers 2022

The beginning of autumn is a good time to be in the mood for sports betting. The English soccer season is already in full swing, the transfers are over and the new players are already used to the environment of their newly acquired teams.

The same goes for bettors who play the system, having favorites among the best teams in the world. But even before making a deposit, it is best to check the list of online bookmakers uk to see if any important changes have occurred over the summer.   

Special features of the 2022/23 football season 

The current season is special with the World Cup in late November and most of December. It will take place in Qatar, and even before the first round in the European competition is going to play the whole group tournament. This, in turn, has moved the customary window for international meetings of teams from early September to the third decade of the first month of autumn.

The English Premier League started earlier than usual as well, with one, maximum two rounds usually played by September 1st. At the moment, 5 rounds have been played, because we will have to sacrifice the traditional abundance of tours in the period of New Year holidays and Boxing Day. It is in the EPL the best players in the world continue to play, and in the league there are impressive sums of money, as evidenced by the recent transfer of Anthony from Ajax to Manchester United even for 100 million euros!  

England’s representatives in the Champions League

Eric Ten Hague allows himself such expenses, despite the fact that Manchester United do not even play in the UEFA Champions League. And who of the English representatives in European competitions is luckier than Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool. All of this teams, without exception, must fight for the top spots in their respective Champions League groups. Especially Spurs were lucky, their opponents in the quartet were Marseille, Eintracht Frankfurt and Sporting.

A duel between Erling Holand and his former team, Borussia Dortmund, promises to be interesting in the group stage of the Champions League. Sevilla started the season poorly, the more so should not be a problem for Manchester City Copenhagen.

London Chelsea are facing Italian champion Milan, along with Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb. Stefano Pioli’s side already played in the Champions League last season and it did not end well for them. Therefore, it is hard to see how Thomas Tuchel’s team will be able to create problems for the German specialist.


Perhaps the most difficult group of English teams is Liverpool. The opponents for the Reds are the current Europa League finalist Glasgow Rangers, Ajax and Napoli. On the other hand, it is not the first time for Klopp’s team to get into serious trouble in the group stage and emerge from it with flying colors. Take, for example, the previous season, when the group with Milan, Atletico and Porto was hardly weaker. But Liverpool won it confidently and early!    

Bookie choice basics

In case you have already decided on the favorite in the Champions League, we hasten to remind you of the list of criteria that you need to pay attention to when choosing a site for betting. First of all, be critical of bonuses, for all of them have pitfalls if you delve into the rules of wagering conditions. Also, modern UK bookies have a feature-rich mobile app that is made user-friendly. So when checking the list of uk bookmakers, be extremely vigilant. Also pay attention to the size of the odds, which, all other things being equal, becomes almost decisive.    

most difficult group 

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