Ambassador Ušackas to represent EU at Victory Day events in Moscow

Vygaudas Ušackas
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The envoy told BNS on Wednesday the decision was made by the EU leadership. The EU’s top leaders, however, will not go to Moscow to observe the traditional 9 May parade.

“I will represent the EU. The EU leadership has made such a decision that I should attend the 9 May commemoration. (…) Together with EU and US ambassadors, we will, first of all, pay our respect to tens of millions of people who were killed in WWII,” Ušackas told BNS by phone from Moscow on Wednesday.

Russia has invited leaders of EU member states to come to Moscow on 9 May but most of them turned down the invitation, expressing in such a way their position on Russia’s actions in Ukraine. Only the Greek, Czech and Slovak leaders will go to Russia. Meanwhile German Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised to come to Russia a day later.

The majority of EU countries, including Latvia and Estonia, will be represented by their ambassadors in Moscow. Lithuania has decided not to send a representative at all.

“Lithuania’s position is understandable as 9 May did not bring freedom and independence for Lithuania,” Ušackas said.

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