Ambassadors from five states to participate in Baltic Pride 2016

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Representatives from 12 foreign embassies, including five ambassadors will participate in the LGBT Baltic Pride parade which will take place in Vilnius on June 18.

The chairman of the Lithuanian Gay League board Vladimir Simonko said that representatives are expected from 12 foreign embassies: Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, France, Canada, Israel, the US, Sweden and Netherlands.

Moreover, ambassadors from the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands will participate in the event.

Delegations from Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Poland, Moldova and Belarus are also expected.

Among Lithuanian politicians, Marija Aušrinė Povilionienė, Giedrė Purvaneckienė will represent the social democrats, while Dalia Kuodytė will represent the Liberal Movement in the Baltic Pride.

Simonko said that through the parade, LGBT people want to express their expectations.

“This time the expectations are – life in partnership, in marriage,” said Simonko.


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