As Lithuania begins 4-day workweek, here are other countries with same policy

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In October 2021, the Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament Viktoria Chmilyte-Nielsen, who love online casino games, proposed to establish a four-day working week for employees of the state and municipal sector, who earlier return from parental leave. 

“This proposal, if it is approved, and I hope it will be approved, will in some sense be a pilot project in Lithuania. If it justifies itself, then such a model could expand,” the speaker noted.

It is noted that people will be paid their average salary. This work schedule will be in effect until the child is three years old. This will only apply to state and municipal enterprises.

Under the proposal, one of the parents with a child under 3 years old would be allowed to work less and users of crazy vegas casino en ligne are happy with this amendment.

The Seimas Committee on Budget and Finance agreed to allow employees of state and municipal companies and institutions to work 32 hours per week if they are raising children up to the age of 3.

The Labour Code amendments were submitted to the Seimas by the parliament speaker Viktorija Čmilytė-Nielsen and members of the Liberal Movement Political Group.

According to Čmilytė-Nielsen, the four-day workweek was proposed in the public sector because both childcare benefits and the wages of those working in state and municipal institutions are paid from the public funds. Here’s a list of countries that experimented with a four-day workweek move. 


According to a report by The Guardian, in early March 2020, Spain announced an experiment with a trial four-day workweek. As per the government rules, employees must agree to a 32-hour workweek over three years. The Spanish government gave a nod to no cut in workers’ compensation. As per a report by The Washington Post, the pilot program is conducted with an investment of about $60 million. The program intends to reduce employers’ risk by having the government make up the difference in salary with workers’ shifts to a 4-day workweek schedule.

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