Attempts to recruit Lithuanian citizens by foreign secret services intensifying, security chief says

Darius Jauniškis
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

“We are dealing with a growing number of attempts to recruit our citizens, and very often targets include people going to Russia or Belarus who, roughly speaking, are even terrorized on the border in some cases. Cyber spying is also intensifying very much,” Jauniškis said during a discussion on national security issues, taking place in the Seimas of Lithuania on Thursday.

He also asked lawmakers to raise funding for intelligence institutions.


“As a former military man, I can say that it’s very important to arm ourselves but as any army, any person without eyes and knowledge would be helpless, and intelligence institutions are the ones which can see and predict the enemy’s actions and help the country to better prepare for state defence. (…) I would like you to pay more attention and support increasing funding to intelligence institutions,” Jauniškis said.

The Seimas Committee on National Security and Defence has also been calling for giving more funds to the VSD which is set to receive EUR 23.6 million this year, just as it did last year.

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