Algirdas Butkevičius

The Prime Minister who cried “Russia”

Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius claims that the teachers’ trade unions on strike in Lithuania could have been influenced or inspired by Russia has attracted considerable attention. When describing how some members of the teachers’ trade unions attended certain conferences in Russia, the prime minister rhetorically asked, “Who can deny that, after that, some of their suggestions and desires are implemented here in Lithuania?” […]


Who’ll win the Seimas elections?

Most observers reckon that, after the Seimas elections, the nucleus of the ruling coalition will be made up of Social Democrats and Liberals, with Ramūnas Karbauskas’s Peasant and Green party and other independent parties contributing to the coalition as well. […]

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin

Opinion: Is the West really about to betray Lithuania or Ukraine?

Last Tuesday, NATO decided to reduce the number of fighter jets stationed in the Baltic states as part of the NATO air policing mission. The number of fighter jets is to be cut from 16 down to 8. […]

Angela Merkel, Barack Obama

Opinion: Are Merkel and Obama indeed appeasing Russia?

For over a decade now we in Lithuania are being told that Germany is always indulging Russia. This line of criticism has lost some steam recently, after Angela Merkel played a crucial role in adopting hard sanctions on Russia. However, recent efforts by her and French President François Hollande to find a diplomatic solution to the Russia-Ukraine conflict have rekindled suspicions that there are plans to indulge Russia and betray Ukraine. […]