the Euros

Due to the coronavirus, people use cashless payments more often

The list of occupational diseases in Lithuania may also be made to include the coronavirus. A social payment could be allocated to workers of all professions. As Vice-Minister of Health Živile Simonaitytė explained, the Ministry of […]

Kūčiukai cookies

Lithuanian Kūčios: awe-inspiring rites in anticipation of Christmas

As the Christian world is getting ready for the biggest holiday of the year, Kalėdos, Christmas, for many at its cusp is Kūčios, the Christmas Eve, when an entire family get together for a celebratory supper and celebrate the birth of the saviour, Jesus Christ. […]


Is the coronavirus man-made?

Many conspiracy theories boil down to this. Meanwhile, the question of the origin of the coronavirus is being asked not only by people far from science, but also by epidemiologists, doctors, and even intelligence officers. […]