Baltic states “black hole” in terms of transport

The Latvian Foreign Ministry informed LETA that while in Ljubljana (Slovenia), Imants Liegis, as the ambassador of the EU’s presiding country, in collaboration with the Representation of the European Commission in Slovenia, organized a business meeting between colleagues from the EU member states and candidate countries, and Transport Commissioner Bulc.

During the meeting, the commissioner emphasized that the EU plays a very important role in all transport sectors in the world, indicating that the European Commission has a clear vision of a single European transport area, were digitalization and decarbonization will play an important role. The European Commission considers the Baltic-Adriatic corridor project feasible, as it would connect the northern ports of the Adriatic Sea with Central Europe, which is characterized by increasing industrialization and higher cargo turnover volumes.


The railroad is a priority, which is why the European Commission plans to co-fund 85 percent of transport projects’ costs. The European Commission also believes Western Balkan countries need to be integrated in the EU transport network.

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